When you become an ACTIVE MEMBER of NESPA, you show that you wish to be counted among those who believe that the positions included in our Association are important, you believe that our positions and rights as employees should be taken seriously, and you recognize that together we can do what we cannot do alone.

The Naperville Educational Support Professionals Association (NESPA) is the exclusive representative for all regularly employed office personnel, teacher assistants, health technicians, auditorium managers, and other educational support professionals in Naperville Community Unit School District 203.


ACTIVE MEMBER: An ACTIVE MEMBER of NESPA has signed a membership form, pays full dues, can vote, run for office, give input regarding negotiations and take advantage of the special financial services and discounts that IEA and NEA have to offer.

FAIR SHARE FAIR SHARE/fee payer is a category that no longer exists. Some of our members are unaware of this and may give you incorrect information. There was a time when you could pay dues but choose not to be an Active Member.  Now there are only Active Members and non-members.

For more information on becoming an ACTIVE MEMBER of NESPA, please contact your Building Representative or the Membership Chairman at:

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Dues Breakdown

(updated 08/14/2022)

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Dues Explanation 

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Membership Privileges