Our Spring 2024 Spring Meeting celebrated our Kenni Johnston Scholarship winners and honored our Reitirees. This celebration is a great way to wrap up the school year! Click the carousel to view winners and retirees.

 If you are an education employee hired after Jan. 1, 2011, you are enrolled in Tier Two of either the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS), the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) or the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF). In a nutshell, this means you have to work until age 67 to retire with your full benefits. Your peers hired prior to this date only have to work until age 55, if they have 35 years of service. There are also drastic differences in the salary your retirement income will be based upon and on the cost-of-living adjustments your pension earns post-retirement. We believe Tier 2 is a major flaw in our pension system, and it is causing many to switch careers or choose not to begin a career in education in the first place. 

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2024 IEA RA Newsletter

The IEA-RA is the largest gathering of IEA members, where members from all 67 Regions across the state, along with IEA-Retired members and leadership, convene to decide the direction of our 135,000-member organization. New Business Items, Resolutions, Bylaw Amendments, and Legislative Platform Amendments decide what IEA’s priorities are for the coming year. Click to read the collaborative newsletter put together by the Region 39 Delegates in attendance. 

Coming Soon: NESPA Member Survey 2024

On January 16th the Bargaining Team will send our NESPA Member Survey to active NESPA members via email. Please fill out this survey to the best of your ability. This anonymous survey will provide your bargaining team with vital feedback for our team when planning for upcoming NESPA contract negotiations with SD203. At the end of this survey, there will be room for additional comments. All information provided in this survey will remain within the NESPA bargaining team and not be shared elsewhere.

We ask that you please not share this survey as a link with others. If you know of a NESPA member who did NOT receive this, please have them email

The deadline for completed surveys will be Sunday, January 21st.

Please feel free to refer to our contract by visiting the resource page on our website

Winter Party 2023 Photos

Click here to view Pictures and our Raffle Winners 

We're pleased to announce we were able to collect $77 and 65 pounds of food to donate to Loaves and Fishes at our Winter Party. These contributions go a long way to those in need and are much appreciated. Thank you to those who contributed!


Naperville Education Support Professional Association

2024 Kenni Johnston Scholarship Application

Students who meet the following criteria will be considered for a scholarship grant for the 2024-2025 school year:

• Dependent of a District 203 Employee who has been a Member of NESPA for a minimum of two years by January 1, 2024. If you need to check, please email

• Graduating senior admitted to an accredited educational institution OR Full-time undergraduate student attending or admitted to an accredited educational institution OR Full-time/ Part-Time graduate student of an accredited educational institution. The Scholarship will be a minimum of $500.00.  

Please Click Here for the Google Form or Here for a PDF copy

The due date is February 2, 2024 for either one.  Paper ones should be sent to me at Maplebrook Elementary, 1630 Warbler, Naperville, IL 60565  Attn: Karen Buell 

Congratulations to NESPA Syndi Wittman-Skinner on her retirement. 36 years as a Health Tech at Ellsworth! A retirement well deserved.

Have a NESPA retirement in your building? Did a Member get hitched? Have a baby? Catch up on all your filing at work (JK, that will never happen). Send us your celebrations and we can feature them here on the page.  Any NESPA Member good news can be sent to

Photos encouraged. If students are featured, faces will be blurred. 

NESPA Members are invited to our Bargain Blitz on December 1st (a Friday).

The Bargaining Team would like to invite members to discuss issues and topics they would like to see covered during negotiations for the upcoming contract.

Location: Naperville Village Hall, Rooms A & B

Time: 4:30-6

Refreshments will be served

One Conference

October 13th and 14th

Oak Brook, IL

A two-day event offering a variety of elective sessions for Education Support Professionals, Higher Education, and IEA Retired members.  Click here to learn more!

2023.05.09 Special Education Paraprofessional Update (1) (1).pdf

In collaboration with NESPA leadership, Lisa Xagas, and Melissa McHenry, a learning opportunity took place to learn more about the philosophy and actions District 203 is taking regarding the increase in student behaviors we have experienced recently.

On Tuesday, May 9th, at Kennedy Junior High an optional opportunity was presented addressing student behavior to Special Education Paraprofessionals. However, we wanted to make the slide available to all those in NESPA. If you have any questions, please contact a NESPA Executive Board Member or reach out  to Melissa McHenry (Director of Student Services) or Lisa Xagas (Assistant Superintendent for Student Services)

The slides can be viewed as a PDF (the image on the left hand of the screen. Click the pop-out arrow in the upper right-hand corner). Please note QR codes for the check-in attendance have been blocked out. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month Newsletter.pdf

 May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health America established the month in 1949 to raise awareness and support for mental health. Help us fight the stigma, advocate for better policies, and support all those affected by mental illness. Use the newsletter we created for ideas on daily activities you can take to support your own mental health, outreach actions, how to become an advocate, and many additional resources. Click here

Members! Join us on May 4th as we honor our Retirees and winners of the Kenni Johnston Scholarship: Nora Johnson-Guy and Ellie Famiglietti

Nora is the Daughter of Kelly Johnson who is a Special Education Assistant at Scott. Ellie is the Daughter of Susan Famiglietti who is a Computer Support Associate at Lincoln Junior High.

IEA Spring Elections

The 2023 IEA Spring Elections are now open. The IEA-NEA is using YesElections as the service provider for this election. You'll be able to vote online. Please check your US Postal mail for your Election Notice. You'll be given an election code and voting pin to use when you go to

The election closes at 4pm Central time on Wednesday, April 26th.

On March 10th at the IEA RA an amazing video was debuted highlighting the Collective Bargaining History and the STRONG shoulders of those that carried the weight. We highly encourage you to take a look.
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Kenni Johnston Scholarship Application 2022-2023

Our Winter Celebration collected $69.00 and 134 lbs of food for Loaves & Fishes. This generosity provided food and resources to struggling families in our community.  Thank you to all who donated!  


NESPA 2022 Winter Celebration Pictures

What a great time! A huge thank you for the donations to Loaves and Fishes. Highest of fives for donating to the Scholarship. Click here for more photos!

NESPA Winter Celebration and Dinner

Event  Details  and Google Form  for entree selection
Click here to see Loaves and Fishes' Needs

The Illinois Education Association (IEA) and the University of Illinois Springfield invites you to participate in the Illinois Educator Well-Being Survey. The purpose of this survey is to examine how the climate and culture of your workplace impacts the quality of your life.

When considering how to improve the climate and culture of a school district, it is important to consider the impact of school climate and culture on educators who work both in and out of the classroom. This includes teachers, education support professionals, and other professional staff such as counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses.

ESP Awards

ESP STAR Award: The ESP STAR program was created by the ESP Council to recognize the excellent work of ESP members. Nominations are accepted monthly.

ESP of the Year Award: The annual ESP of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding work of one IEA Education Support Professional. Nominations are due Dec. 15.

PACE, the Illinois Political Action Committee for Education, has interviewed and recommended candidates for the 2022 General Election. Visit for more information and go to to find the candidates in your district.

Early voting begins Sept. 29. Request a mail-in ballot or find your polling place to vote on Nov. 8!

NESPA Presentation Naperville updated 8.30.2022.pdf

On Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 we had a health insurance presentation from Gretchen Gallois. Please click the link to the presentation. If you take the district insurance please look it over carefully as there is a significant increase to the Platinum Broad Plan but ONLY that plan. This is your opportunity to make changes during the upcoming open enrollment, remembering that your choices are for one year only. Open enrollment is Oct. 12-27 and please make sure you have your wellness screening.

ESP Peer Mentorship

Learn how to build a peer mentoring program for education support professionals (ESPs) at all stages of their careers.

The National Education Association recognizes the vital role Education Support Professionals (ESPs) play in ensuring a great public school for every student. That's why we're providing members and affiliates the tools and knowledge necessary to build their own unique ESP peer mentoring programs. Through peer mentoring, ESPs can receive the specialized, targeted workplace preparation and support that empowers ESPs in the workplace, advances their professional excellence, and builds the education systems that all our students and educators deserve. 

We’re excited to launch ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring, an online opportunity that will guide affiliates and members through building a strong mentoring program for ESPs. This free learning path comprises four online courses that participants may take as an individual or with a team through NEA’s Professional Excellence Portal.


*Proposed ByLaws*

Active NESPA members please click here to view our proposed ByLaws. We will be voting on these during our August 30th, 2022 meeting at 6:30 pm


NESPA BYLAWS 8_10_22.pdf

2022 ESP of the Year Debra Ward-Mitchell Celebrates ESPs Who Give Their All to Students

"As union members and leaders, we have the power to fight for the professional respect that all educators want and deserve,” 


 Congrats to the 21-22 Kenni Johnston Scholarship winners

Amanda Campos

21-22 Scholarship Winner

Renee Samp

21-22 Scholarship Winner

 Congrats to our 2021 and 2022 Retirees. May you enjoy your retirement and thank you for your service over the years.


NESPA members raised over $2,000 for the Kenni Johnston Scholarship.  Look for details to apply for the scholarship in January.

NESPA members brought over 173 pounds of food worth $400 for Loaves and Fishes as well as $170 in cash.  Total donation to Loaves and Fishes: $570! 

Upcoming events

Red for Ed Wednesdays

The #RedForEd movement started as a way to show solidarity among educators and show our commitment to our students, our schools, and our communities.

Be sure to wear your #RedForEd on Wednesdays!

Primary Election June 28, 2022

Together we can make a difference. Our elected officials matter now more than ever. Every decision that’s made regarding public education and your school is made by those in elected office. Your advocacy for your students doesn’t end in the classroom. We have to take our fight to the polls.



Support staff are typically the first to arrive at school as they unlock doors and turn on lights. They are some of the first people to greet students when they arrive at school in the morning, who give students the academic support they need to become successful scholars, who carefully assist with their health, safety, and nutritional needs, and are the last people who see students safely home at the end of the day. The value of their work is priceless.

Click to learn more about this campaign.

ESP of the Year

The 2023 ESP of the Year Award Overview and Guidelines will be made available in early fall. For general questions about the ESPOTY Award program, email