Directions for IEA/NEA Form for new NESPA Employees

  1. At the top under Membership: If you previously worked in another district, please mark Transfer and fill in your previous member number if you have it (it would be on an old membership card).

  2. Please fill out the ENTIRE left section including signature and date at the bottom. Please do not backdate the form. It will result in owing more in dues.

  3. Please give us the last four digits of your social security number. Until you are enrolled, it is the only unique identifier you have with the union.

  4. The Employee ID number is your District 203 ID number.

  5. In the right column, the Local Name is Naperville ESP Assoc. of 203 (or NESPA of 203), Billable Party ID is 3903.

  6. In the top sections of the right column, please leave the membership category and the dues portion blank – the membership chairman will fill that in for you.

  7. The bottom three boxes in the right column are voluntary.

  8. During the school year please return it to your building rep or put it in interoffice mail to the membership chair, Karen Buell, at Maplebrook Elementary. It can also be mailed to Karen Buell, 217 Briarheath Lane, Naperville, IL 60565. A photocopy attached to an email is not acceptable

  9. Questions? or 630-258-5492. If there is no answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.